Dog Tag Jewelry of Favorite Sport Teams

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A lot of people are fanatical about sports. They own all the sports paraphernalia of their favorite sports team, like jerseys and hats. Some even go as far as to get tattoos to show their allegiance. However, some sports fans don’t want to go that far. If that is you, there’s another alternative to always showing your true sporting colors and that is to wear a dog tag necklace of your favorite team.

A dog tag necklace is hip, it’s cool, and it’s fun. This is especially important for guys who are afraid of wearing any type of jewelry. But with a sports pendant like dog tags, that’s okay. After all, this type of necklace has its origins in the military. How can you get more manly than that?

The difference with sports tag jewelry is that instead of having your ID information like military tags, the pendant is etched with your favorite sports team logo. These are certainly an eye catcher due to its uniqueness.

Furthermore, just like military tags, your professional sports team jewelry can also come in two tags or one. One can have the team logo on it, and the other tag might have the team name. You can choose to wear them both or give one piece away to another sports fan in the family.

You can your sports team jewelry in a variety of metals. However, it’s always recommended that you don’t by the cheap tin or nickel kind to avoid allergies. The best bet is to buy stainless steal and if you can afford it, something more like gold, silver, or platinum. There are even some black tungsten dog tags which are exceptionally cool looking.

Sports logo tags come in a variety of styles and metals. It’s up to you to decide which style you like best. Given the fact that you’re a fanatical sports fan, you might want to invest in something which you can cherish for years to come.