Wedding Rings for the Jewelry Challenged

Wedding rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. They are the ultimate symbol of marriage. Rings are purchased for both the bride and the groom, even if the groom insists he doesn’t need to wear one to show his commitment!

Wedding rings are exchanged as part of the ceremony, normally as vows are said by both parties. They are often matched to the engagement ring, so you might want to choose simply for the engagement ring or choose a complete set. If you want to rehearse for the big day, wedding rings are always placed on the finger first, and the engagement ring is placed on top of it. If you have yet to purchase your ring set, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Going For The Gold

Gold is still the standard for wedding rings, and is instantly recognizable as a wedding band. However, white gold is an excellent alternative. White gold gets its color by blending with another white metal like silver or palladium. This blend is called an alloy. An advantage of white gold is that is typically retains the better qualities of yellow gold, like low risks of skin irritation, and is often mistaken for the more expensive platinum.

Platinum Pass

Platinum is the metal of choice for rings because it is more rare and durable than gold. Platinum is an elegant metal, which is very popular these days because of its white, shiny look and durability. Platinum is actually more precious than gold and can cost up to twice as much.

If you prefer a white metal and are willing to be non-traditional, there is one more alternative.

What About Titanium?

Titanium wedding bands are an ideal choice for the adventurous, outdoorsy couple because a titanium ring requires very little care and is almost impossible to damage. Titanium wedding bands are unique in that it is one of the strongest metals. Yet, they are very light in weight. Titanium is a non-allergenic material, with none of the skin rashes that can occur with some white metals like nickel or nickel alloys.

And Finally, Diamonds Are Forever

Diamond wedding rings are the most often bought type of wedding rings, and go well with gold, white gold, silver, and platinum bands. Diamond engagement rings can be dressed up with other stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but the diamonds are still the most important. Diamonds were also considered to be gifts of the gods and as such must be cherished. Diamond engagement rings thus symbolize love and eternity, which explains their popularity with men and women alike.


Wedding rings, along with engagement rings, will likely be the most important jewelry decision you make. If you decide upon an alloy like white gold make sure it does not contain a metal that will irritate your skin. And whether you choose traditional yellow gold or prefer the white precious metal alternatives, know that it is a decision you can live with in peace, hopefully for a lifetime.