Appreciation of Jewelry

All things that glitter draw the eye, and jewelry tops this list. The love of jewelry pieces knows no social class or social boundary. There are the faux pieces of jewelry worn by children, the belly rings of teenagers, the class rings of college graduates, the engagement ring of newly engaged couples, the wedding ring of married couples, the heirloom jewels from the grandparents. Everyone is touched by the power and lure of this seemingly magical artwork. However, do people really appreciate jewelry as a work of art, or do people just regard jewelry pieces as embellishments?

Love of Jewelry: If the Price is Right

It is sad to note that jewelry as a form of art is actually taken for granted. The art in a jewelry piece is less noticed and less praised compared to the art in paintings and sculpture.

Sure, people will gaze in wonder at a four-carat diamond on an engagement ring. Certainly, people will notice if you wear a diamond tennis bracelet to your prom party. However, the appreciation for jewelry is almost always confined to the cost of the item and the prestige that goes with owning such an obviously expensive piece. The appreciation lies, therefore, not on the work and the artistry that goes into the production of the jewelry piece. It lies more on its weight, its size, and its prize tag.

This single-minded focus on the cost of jewelry as well as the neglect of the jewelry’s form, design and details has taken away the appreciation for jewelry as a true form of art. Jewelry has regressed to nothing but an expensive and brazen wealth exhibit.

This disconnection from the true and pure meaning of jewelry can be attributed to the materialistic mindset that’s prevalent today. Jewelry is viewed as a status symbol or an investment, thus the price of the jewelry is given more weight. Unless people learn to appreciate and give value to the artistry behind the design of the jewelry, true appreciation of the art of jewelry making may be slow to come by.