David Yurman Designer Jewelry for the 21st Century

When you are shopping for jewelry there are so many options that it can be a little bit confusing. While there are many stores that feature unknown brands, it’s comforting to know that you are getting a piece of jewelry that is made by a company you know and trust and that will always keep it’s value over time

One such designer is David Yurman. They have been designing wonderful jewelry for years now, and their pieces are worn by famous celebrities and fashionistas, and are always on the cutting edge of “what is hip”. Although there are plenty of old school designers that have been around for a long time, when it comes to fresh, terrific jewelry designs, David Yurman is one place where the trendy people look to find something unique that fits their own personal style.

So why go with a well-known designer? One answer to that can be found by watching some of those television shows like Antiques Roadshow where they appraise various things including jewelry. If you notice, if they can place the item as manufactured by a well-known designer, its value is considerably higher than if you were to just buy something mass-produced in an unknown factory. Tiffany is probably the best-known designer of high-end jewelry and if it has a Tiffany stamp on it, then it’s going to hold, or in many cases increase in values with age. This is also true with well know modern designers such as David Yurman.

The other advantage is that you are able to take a look at an entire collection from a designer, and see if that designer’s style fits in with yours. The top designers in the business are constantly updating their collections, and with a lot of them, all you have to do to see their appeal is look through your favorite magazines where you can see celebrities sporting jewelry from all the top designers. David Yurman is usually there in the mix somewhere.

Fine jewelry is more than just something pretty; there is an expectation of high quality as well. That can be most apparent when you look at things like watches and timepieces. If you are paying a good price for something like that, then you want it to be accurate and run for years. If it’s a diamond ring or anything with gemstones, you expect them to be of top quality and clarity. Designers who have built up an excellent reputation are not going to risk it by selling things that don’t live up to their customers’ values. When you shop at stores that carry designer brands, you know what you are getting and where it comes from, and most importantly, you feel a great sense of pride when you wear it.

So if you are looking for something special, whether it’s a ring, pendant, bracelet, time piece or even just a braided gold chain, take a good look at the David Yurman collection, and see what they have to offer for both men and women. You will be glad that you did.