Family Bracelets Are Replacing The Mother’s Ring

Almost everyone is familiar with the mother’s ring. Usually a gold band which has been set with the birthstones of the family members, it sometimes comes with the grand children’s birthstones as well. It seemed to be a tradition to invest in one of these rings for Mother’s day or an anniversary. Now the new family heirloom in fashion is the family bracelet.

Different Choices Of Material

These beautiful pieces can be ordered in yellow or white gold. If you prefer sterling silver, these are really attractive as well. There are certain items which are sterling silver with a 14 karat gold overlay. Any of the styles will bring cherished memories to mind at a glance. The mother who is fortunate enough to have one presented will be the envy of all who know her. Each piece is stunning in design and detail.

You can choose to put the birthstones of the children on the bracelet, the family member’s names, or both. Some of the bracelets can hold up to four names. There are others which can be engraved with up to seven names. The names can also be added by letter beads. These beads are generally made of sterling silver. For the larger family the bracelet can be ordered with multiple strands. These are very attractive and not at all bulky or cumbersome.

Personalized Bracelets

There are many places which will personally stylize the jewelry according to your order. Each one is unique in its making, reflecting the uniqueness of the family. With each piece being custom ordered, the chances of anyone else having the same thing are almost zero. For an even greater personalization, you can add charms to represent members of the family. For instance a child who is into dance can have a set of ballet shows added along with the birthstone and name. For a son or grandson it may be a fishing rod or even a truck. This adds to the charm and makes the bracelet more personal.

A nice feature to the family bracelets is the ability to use the entire name or just the initials of the individuals. You can actually have two generations represented. If you choose to use only birthstones the heritage line is almost endless. The jewels can be synthetic or original gems, depending on your budget. The names can also be showcased with the birthstones in between each family name.

Price Ranges

Prices for these keepsakes range anywhere from $35 to over $800. The more expensive ones are made of 14 karat gold with the real gemstones representing each family member. The less expensive pieces are still of good quality. The real difference is the materials used to fashion the piece. The choices are available for any budget as well as personality.

Family bracelets are heirloom pieces which are wonderful for any occasion. Whether it is Grandma’s birthday or Mom’s anniversary this would make the perfect gift. The closest bond ever formed is between a mother and a child. This is the perfect way to show how much you really care about the person you call Mom.