Critical Thinking: Is Europe Being Invaded By Migrants?

For quite some time now, people from the Middle East and Africa, have been flooding into Europe. In the eyes of some people, these are seen as refuges that need to be taken care of, but for others, they are seen as economic migrants.

Clearly, when someone has one of these two outlooks, this is going to be something that is black and white. For others, it is not going to be this black and white, and they will say that even though some of them are indeed refugees, this is not going to apply to all of them.

Open Arms

If someone believes that all these people all refugees and that Europe should take them all in, for instance, they can see themselves as a compassionate person. One is then going to be putting themselves in these people shoes and this will give them the desire to do more.

Someone like this could just say things, or they could go out there way to assist these people. Through being this way, they could say that the people who don’t have this view are cold hearted human beings.

Selective Empathy

Here, one is going to be happy to extend themselves to the people who are coming from others countries, but they won’t be willing to do the same for the people in their own country, who have a different outlook. There is also the chance that they will call these people ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’, for instance.

Said another way, they won’t be willing to go into why these people have a different views to them. Therefore, instead of proving that their views are wrong, they will simply try to slander them instead.

All Heart and No Head

Ultimately, someone like this is likely to be ruled by their heart, which will mean that they will rarely engage their brain. The trouble with this approach is that the heart doesn’t understand limits, while the mind does.

Along with this, the heart is in the now and doesn’t pay attention to what can happen in the future. So, if someone is focused on giving, they are not going to think about how Europe doesn’t have unlimited resources, and neither will they think about what kind of consequences will arise through bringing in so many people who are often different in so many ways.

For Example

In many ways, this approach is very similar to what can happen when a parent gives their child their credit card to use. Firstly, the child can believe that this card will allow them to buy anything and, secondly, they can believe that this card will never run out.

What makes it relatively easy for someone to say that Europe should let everyone in is that they probably won’t be using their own money and they can be protected from the consequences of their actions, at least in the short-term. Thus, in the same way as a child can be careless while using their parent’s credit card, someone can be careless as they are going to be using other people’s money, and no matter how much they spend, it is unlikely that anything bad will happen to them.

A Bit of Both

If someone believes that all these people are refugees, they can be left-leaning; whereas if someone believes that they are all migrants, they can be left-leaning. But if these two descriptions are put to one side, it could be said that this is what happens when someone can’t think rationally.

When it comes to matters such as these, someone can’t rely on empathy or to go along with what a left-leaning or right-leaning person should do, for instance. It is going to be vital for them to look into what is actually going on and then to come to a rational decision.

An Analogy

Another way of looking at all this would be to say that the people who want Europe to bring every in are like a child who wants to help every animal at an animal sanctuary. The child won’t have any idea about limits or think about consequences, as their brain won’t have fully developed.

As a result, when their parents tell them that they can’t help every rabbit or horse, for instance, and that it would destroy their own way of life if they tried, the child can call them mean and begin to lose control. The child’s parents will have empathy, but this empathy will be balanced out by their mind.

Out of Balance

This will allow them to realise that there is only so much that they can do, and to go further than this would cause them to suffer. If this was to happen, they would be replacing one problem with another problem.

One of the things that is often pointed out, and overlooked by the people who are caught up in their hearts, is that most of the people who are coming to Europe are men. This can seem strange to some, while others can say that this as a sign that they are taking the first step and will soon bring their family’s with them.

A Number of Outlooks

But regardless of whether someone sees this as a bit strange, what also needs to be taken into consideration is that not every person who comes over is going to have the same view of Europe and the people in it. Naturally, there are going to be people who are only too happy to be in Europe and to receive free things, but who want to integrate and to contribute to the country that they are in as time goes by.

On the other hand, there are going to be people who have a radically different outlook, and this can be the result of what the people at the top have done to their country, as well as what they believe they have done. Due to this, they can believe that just about every person in Europe played a part in what they have been through.


Harming the people who live in the country they are in can then be a way for them to get their own back. It then won’t matter that these people have played a part in what has gone on in their homeland, as they will be guilty by association.

If someone like this ends up harming people, they will be seen as the problem, and what they have done will be wrong, but what they will have done could just be an effect of what Europe’s so-called leaders have done over the years. These leaders often help to destabilise these countries and, once this has taken place, they disappear, thereby leaving everyone else to deal with the consequences of their actions.


This is a very complex issue and this is why the people in Europe can’t afford to be driven by empathy alone when it comes to making decisions. Another thing that can stop them from being able to think rationally is political correctness.

In the beginning this started off on the right foot, but as time has passed, this has become another way to control people. At the end of the day, it took a long time to make Europe what it is today, and this is why it needs to be protected.