How to Gift the Perfect Gold Earrings This Season

Here’s a secret that most men don’t know: women love gold earrings! This is one piece of jewelry that can enhance her good looks dramatically and instantaneously. You see, sparkling gems, precious metal and lovely pearls in earrings brighten the face and work wonders for the neck and cheekbones. Which woman can resist that? The bad news is that the wrong pair could land you in deep trouble. Goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Selecting the right pair of gold earrings

The right pair of gold earrings is a woman’s favorite fashion accessory because it lends itself to all occasions. For example, even the tried, tested and reinvented gold hoops look wonderful regardless of what is worn with them. But some women just don’t like hoops. In that case, there are literally thousands of styles out there that can flatter their particular jaw line, neck and face.

If it hasn’t dawned on you yet, then here it is in black and white: the gold earrings you select for your sweetheart has to suit her face, her skin tone and her hair. Here’s a clue: If she has an angular face, go for round hoops. If she has sharp features, angular gold earrings will emphasize her features. An oval face can pull off anything. Hoops are a great choice. For a round face, select something longish and dangling, like long chains embellished with tiny gems. A square face and chunky earrings do not gel well. A longish face needs something round and small, or else the earrings will add to the length of the face.

Size and color matter a lot when you are buying gold earrings for a woman. A small woman cannot carry off an overly large earring. Similarly, a woman of generous proportions would dwarf dainty earrings. Women with warm skin tones look good in yellow gold while cool skin tones can carry off white gold very well. White gold is recommended if the design has gems embedded in it.

Now that you know how to select the right shape and size for your sweetheart, let us take a look at some of the most popular styles in gold earrings. Some of these styles are evergreen and need to be a part of every woman’s jewelry chest.

Hoops: These are an all-time favorite. They are also making a huge comeback. So, if your girlfriend does not have a pair, this pair will make the ideal gift this Valentine’s. Pure gold hoops are sophisticated and they look rich without becoming overpowering, in any way.

If you want to get her something spectacular, you can choose one of the tiered gold earrings. These dangle delicately and their precious little gems catch the light and reflect it lovingly on the face. These are great for casual wear. Luminous pearls in an elegant gold setting are another classic buy for any girl.

Gold earrings are a great investment in your love life. They stand for timeless beauty and unbeatable quality. With the right pair, you can fill your love with delight and she’ll remember you every time the earrings rest on her delicate lobes!