You Must Pay for This

The miserable life in the world where injustice finds its seat, not even on an upholstery from morning till noon, but seemingly for unpredictable long-term. With which the misuse of offices becomes the order of the day.

The love of power triggers the dubious minds to silent the power of love, and their oath of office becomes the reverse of what it simply says, when the elected in a jungle become blindfold to the electorates’ concern.

The upper class dominate the house of comfort, and the middle class strive to man the gate, thereby locking the lower class off the gate, making them living a miserable life.

The political power is attained by them, that deceive the masses with their never fulfilled promises before attainable power. Life there by becomes hard in every second for the lower class.

What then can we have as human right, when the privileged ones are living a luxurious life at the expense of the opposite. Life in the land of this violation becomes lugubrious to the less privileged.

Tell me of a regime that is totally free from the injustice, where the whole of their tenure is given under the atmospheric conditions of egocentric and nepotism. And the lives of the lower class are likened to that of their stepping stones.

Are they not the ones who are here with us prior to the dew’s wetting the grass when it’s dawn. Even after roaring of their lion’s promises, after oracles of their manifestos have spoken, we only realise they are just of unfeigned in reverse order.

We give unto them our power in the morning, with the belief of sunny day, just to notice at noon we are doomed by their self centred where as our hopes are cut short through their dubious and devious mind to have set ablaze our precious home of comfort.

With your kleptomaniac fingers, you looted our economy and make yourself rest assured of your generation never lacking even if never worked for life. And the masses are dying of dire poverty, while you live in large at their stead.

The future never calls for your critical thinking for a while, you live a never ending life with your belief, and care not for the consequences of your actions even when your conscience never let you rest, you never give a damn care.

Keep the ball of your actions rolling.

Keep the river of your evils flowing.

Keep it up and never stop roaring.

Keep violating the rights of the masses.

Clearly use them beyond the slaves.

Even Pharaoh ended up somewhere else.

We shall see what the future holds for you.