Bacterial Vaginosis – Testing Yourself at Home with In-Home Tests

Bacterial Vaginosis is something that women all over the world suffer with. Aside from the embarrassing odor and discharge, a woman can experience pain, irritation and burning. It’s bad enough to suffer through symptoms like this, but even more frustrating when you visit your doctor, only to be rushed around and told to try some over the counter medication. Don’t you just get the feeling that the doctor would rather get the visit over with so he or she can move on? It can seem like your doctor could care less whether you have Bacterial Vaginosis, a yeast infection or some other condition, so long as he gets your payment and is able to move on to the next patient quickly. So, dejected, you leave the office itching, in pain and with all of your frustrating symptoms without testing to see if you do have BV.

Well, there is something that wise women know to be true in many areas of life. If you want something done correctly, you must do it yourself. Luckily, you can now get bacterial vaginosis in home tests to see if you test positive for BV or not. If you have experienced a change in your vaginal secretions, odor or if you are experiencing itching, burning or pain in the abdominal or vaginal area, you may need to perform an in home bacterial vaginosis test. The truth is that many doctors do not perform all of the needed tests to check for BV in order to save time. This is a terrible shame and an unfortunate fact, but it’s true.

Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a strong, fishy odor, a whitish to gray discharge and irritation or pain in the vaginal area. When you visit your doctor, if he or she says that you should try an over the counter medication and sends you off without a clue as to what the real issue is, you should definitely take the test at home yourself. This will tell you whether you have BV and will make a big difference in the kind of medication you need. If you have tested positive through the in home test, you should march yourself and the results right back to your doctor and let him or her know that you do have BV and that you want to be treated accordingly. Many women have decided to find different doctors who will actually test and treat them properly, but the choice is up to you. You don’t have to suffer with this condition simply because your doctor is pressed for time. Get the in home test and find out if you have bacterial vaginosis or if you need to be tested for some other type of condition. If your doctor can’t perform the necessary tests to see if you are suffering from BV, do it yourself!