Home Base Business Ideas – Crazy and Insane Ideas That Work

I’ve seen quite a few things in my life. I deal with home base business ideas on a daily basis, and I’ve seen my fair share of crazy and insane ideas that actually worked and brought in a lot of money. Hopefully the following crazy and insane home base business idea will encourage you to stop wasting your life away and do something productive with your miserable life.

This crazy and insane home base business idea is a story of simple consistency.

About a year a go, a friend of mine opened a website with a few files and articles catering to a small market niche for his home base business idea. His goal was to update the site with new content only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and to send a weekly tip each Monday. The members were required to pay $10 a month or $95 a year for this home base business idea.

Twenty people joined the first month. Even more joined during the second month.

Now it is up to several thousand members, but only because of sticking to that simple plan he laid out at the beginning of his home base business idea. There is no affiliate program, no new product launches, just Google AdWords for advertising and some search engine optimization for traffic.

Now how crazy and insane is that? I bet most of you would have predicted failure for such a simple plan, but that’s all it really takes for home base business idea success.

Now think about the time you are spending to try and make lots of money overnight. Think about all the distractions that prevent you from taking action on your home base business ideas. Think about all of your unfinished projects. Think about your unending quest for the next big home base business idea.

Now imagine yourself focusing in on a narrow market niche with a slow and steady plan to implement over the coming months, without fail, for your home base business idea. Then think back to the story of my friend.