Pick the Next Hot Kid’s Jewelry Item

An important part of making money by selling jewelry is knowing how to pick the types of jewelry that people want. Naturally you look at what’s selling now, stock up and promote the items. But if you can get in ahead of the push, you can enjoy the position of promoting jewelry that becomes popular when every other seller out there doesn’t have a supply. It’s not always easy, but when you do it you have the ability to make a lot of sales and even become known as the place to go for those specific items.

Kids and teenagers tend to watch a lot of television, and that means they’re exposed to thousands of commercials every year. Spend a little time on Saturday morning in front of the tube and you’re seeing what the kids see day after day. If you can stand to watch a few hours of programming, do so. You’ll get an idea about the kinds of things that kids like now, and what might be popular in everything from snacks to food to jewelry in the near future.

New TV programs for kids have the potential to explode in popularity, and that means there will be merchandising efforts. Clothes, jewelry, snacks, games, video games and even things like bed sheets are items that could have a new TV character splashed across them. Sometimes these are created even before the show is a hit. A new show on the Disney channel, for instance, usually has a full product line before it even goes on the air. Pay attention to these new offerings and make small purchases early so you can promote them accordingly. Even shows that aren’t huge successes usually have a small and dedicated group of fans who may want merchandise.

Also, watch for shows that are going off the air. Often this will spark an interest in the merchandise. And watch the musicians that kids and teens like. You can buy things like pendants, pins, bracelets and even makeup or candy items in those product lines that you can offer through your jewelry business.