Jewellery For The Ages

One of life’s great problems for many people is the regular worry and disturbance that comes with the responsibility of gift buying: exactly how do you keep coming up with fresh ideas that meet the wishes and expectations of those near and dear ones that you are buying for? As members of a consumer driven society and in an age when even tiny tots from the beginning apparently grow up with a certainty that their every wish should be fulfilled, a high degree of obligation is placed on many of us to repeatedly demonstrate our “duty” by presenting glorious gifts when it comes to Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. A few lucky people seem to have the knack of conjuring up unique and pertinent surprises almost all the time, but the rest of us struggle. So what can you do?

Well, one approach is to focus on a theme. There are some tried and trusted concepts such as books, music or clothes, but what if you want to do something a little differently? What if you’re looking for an approach that is suitable for people of all ages, so that the theme woks for all members of your family or group of friends at times such as Christmas or is valid for close friends or relatives as time goes by? One theme that can give you a great deal of leeway, particularly for the ladies in your life that you’re buying for, is jewellery. It is widely welcomed and loved by most girls and ladies, and that statement in itself suggests one concept for a theme – buying jewellery for ladies at different stages of their lives:

– Young girls seem to assimilate their elders’ love of jewellery almost from the beginning. And by the time girls have started school and begun to socialise with friends, the concept of identity has taken hold – so how about a piece of personalised jewellery such as a necklace with their name picked out in letters as pendant items?

– Teenagers are more and more into the rituals of make up, appearance and relationships, so try out a romance-based item such as heart bracelets or a more diverse one such as charm bracelets.

– Bride to be are consumed by thoughts of the future and their big event to be, and rightly so. As a contrast, and whether she has opted for conventional jewellery or something more unique such as art deco engagement rings or vintage rings, try to find a matching piece of jewellery that will complement her choice.

– Moms frequently miss out when it comes to thoughts of glamour but a pair of carefully chosen silver earrings can work wonders in giving her some options for freshening up the look of her existing outfits.

– Grandmas have a lot of memories to look back on and a family to remember. One way to help with this is to give them a heart locket so that they can insert photos of their closest loved ones.

Those are just a few of the many opportunities and thoughts that jewellery can provoke – so the next time that you have a major gift buying task on hand, why not pursue the theme idea in general and the jewellery concept in particular to come up with some special surprises for the people you need to delight?