Work From Home in Your Underwear – How to Get Started

Wow, you’re so lucky you found this article! I just hope you found it before you spent a gazillion dollars on every eBook out there because I’m going to tell you the basics to succeed in any home based business you embark on.

First things first. If you found this article while searching for “easy success from home” or some other keyword that would have you making money hand over fist in the next 10 minutes I’m so sorry to tell you, that doesn’t happen.

Despite all the claims you read on the internet no one makes a bundle online without putting in a lot of effort.

The claims you read about massive success, automatically, refer to the benefits of automation you can use in your business to drive traffic to you opportunity.

Many ads make the claim but they all mean the same thing. Now that we’ve got it straight that you are not going to wake up rich tomorrow we can proceed.

First thing. You need a plan. You need to figure out what you want to do. There are 3 main ways to make cash on the net.

1. Affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you place ads on your own site or landing page directing traffic to useful information that they can buy.

Most often that information comes in the form of an eBook or an online course. Affiliate marketers who do well do so because they are able to get their site (real estate) in front of a lot of people. (I’ll explain how in a moment)

2. MLM. In the early days of multi-level marketing there were a ton of disreputable peeps on the net who’s sole purpose was to rip people off. That is no longer the case and the MLM industry has become extremely successful with real products, real results and real people.

3. There are lots of ways to describe this but essentially a “one off sale opportunity” would be the most self-explanatory. People selling courses or a way to solve a major issue in your life like re-financing your mortgage to get out of debt use their systems to attract you to their site where you can find out what they’re selling then fill-in a form and have a real person call you.

All 3 methods are productive and lucrative. The trick is to find out which is the best one for you. Or which combination is best for you because, as with anything in life, putting all your eggs in one basket is not very productive.

So once you work out which method you want to you use you’ll need a strategy to get you there. With a really great MLM your “upline” (the person who signed you up) will have a ton of stuff to get you started. The company should have landing pages that you can use to market your business and there should also be a great deal of off line material available so you can speak to people about your company face to face too.

Every single online marketing course you take or buy will tell you that the biggest trick to selling either MLM or a one off product is to market yourself, not the product.

It doesn’t really matter if you have the best product in the world, if you don’t “ATTRACT” people to you, you won’t sell a thing. (remember that word “attract” because it’s going to come up again and again)

If you decide on affiliate marketing you really will need to have the basics of site building and search engine optimization down. You can learn as you go but there is a lot of it to learn.

To be an affiliate marketer you’ll need several websites and landing pages so you really ought to know how to build those if you want to be successful.

I’ll be posting info on that on my site shortly but if you need to know now let me know and I can help you out.

The 3rd option will require you to have your own real estate on line as well. Lots of websites, landing pages, marketing tools etc.

This article is the first in a series on how to get started working from home online.

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