How to Choose a Wedding and Engagement Ring?

Diamond rings are chosen when a guy and girl has decided for commitment. But choosing the right diamond is a major question and decision. There are many kinds of diamonds and each diamond property varies from other. So before buying diamond ring know its properties and characteristics. You would surely have an aesthetic preference once you have viewed the different diamond shapes and are familiar with each one. A diamond is identified with its cut clarity carat and color. These four play an important role in choosing diamond. Diamond is a precious gem which can be good for investment. When you shop for diamond rings you will find two types of rings. One is known as the engagement ring and other is the wedding ring.

Engagement ring:

This ring is for proposing the girl and also committing with her till the wedding. The diamond on these rings is designed in such a manner that it is clearly defined on the ring. Generally the design for engagement ring preferred by people is the Solitaire ring and Three Stone ring.

Solitaire Diamond: This is the best choice for engagement ring but this can be little expensive. These are simple yet very stylish in design. The solitaire diamond has a clean cut line of diamond and elegant minimalism. Another advantage is the setting of solitaire diamond which is versatile. This ring has only one diamond which dazzle with brilliance and fire.

Three stone Diamond: For the three stone rings there are also options to incorporate many stylish design accents into the band portion. Couples sometimes go for swirls and trellis designs on either side of the three stone arrangements. This would bring out special touches and lasting memories.

Wedding ring:

This ring is worn after the vows of marriage till death. These have even more simple designs and the diamonds are embedded in the ring. These rings are known for forever love and commitment. The style of wedding rings differs according to the tradition. Now the wedding rings come in either gold or platinum. The platinum is the rarest metal but strong. These are hypo allergenic and resist tarnish on it. Due to this qualities these are more expensive than gold.

Tension ring: This ring is the latest exiting design for wedding ring. This is famous for its simplicity and elegance of diamond. The diamond here is placed on the center of the ring which is supported by the tension edges.

Now you have an option of impressing your lover by designing your own wedding and engagement ring. And finally the important thing is that you must try on rings with different shapes to ensure that the one who select suits your hand before reaching a decision. Thin shapes like emerald usually do not go well on thick fingers unless they are set with accent stones. On the other hand, thick shapes like heart would not suit thin and slim fingers.