Selecting a Gold Cross Pendant – Wearing Your Faith Proudly

Many people wear a gold cross pendant to display not just their dedication to a particular faith, but also to represent a specific path they choose to walk. It doesn’t take a genius to see a cross on someone’s neck to figure out that they are espousing a Christian belief system. In addition to conveying a specific message, gold crosses are worn as fashion statements and as a mark of affiliation.

White, Yellow or Pink?

Gold is available in a variety of shades. While the specific color is determined by the metal that is added to the pure gold, karat measurements are consistent throughout the colors. Each karat represents 1/24 of the total quantity of gold within an item – so something that is 12 karats is 50% gold and 50% other metals. Nickel or palladium is used to make white gold, pink is created by adding copper, and green gold requires the addition of silver.

Simple or Fancy?

You can get a gold cross pendant that is essentially two straight lines, or you can find something encrusted with diamonds or made of intricate filigree. The style, size, and color are really a matter of personal choice. For those allergic to silver or base metals, a gold cross is the perfect solution. No one is allergic to gold, but it will pay to check which metals have been used in the alloy, as some individuals are allergic to copper or nickel.

The chain which you choose will also have an impact on the general appearance of your necklace, so make sure you coordinate the pendant with a specific chain.

Part of a Club

Each time you see someone wearing a gold cross you know in an instant several things about them. You don’t have to strike up an involved conversation to know that you are looking at a fellow Christian; in fact, you become part of a specific club by wearing this sign of your faith. It’s a little thing, true, but it is still part of the experience of wearing a cross.

The best selection of gold crosses is available online. To make sure you get what you want, order from a reputable dealer. Between the variety of colors, styles, and sizes you will find, try to begin your shopping experience with some idea of what you want, or you will spend hours narrowing down your list of possibilities.

Whether you get your gold cross pendant for yourself or as a gift, there is one thing that is certain: this is a piece of jewelry you will wear for a lifetime.