The Who’s, What’s, and Why’s of JewelryTV

What is JewelryTV? Jewelry Television is the only television network that is solely committed to offering America an enormous selection of fine jewelry and gemstones at always fair prices. They are the single largest retailer of loose gemstones (meaning gems that are not fixed to jewelry) in the industry and also America’s fastest growing home shopping network Although their popularity is certainly exploding and their TV programs are distributed to over 68 million households on a daily basis, JTV is only 11th on the list of the largest fine jewelry retailers in the United States.

Perhaps the more important question is: why should anyone shop at Jewelry TV? First, shop at JewelryTelevision because of their fair prices. They have made it their mission to meet the jewelry needs of every American on every budget. From the finest diamonds set on 22k gold to economically-priced yet stunning gemstones that anyone can afford, Jewelry TV guarantees to have something to offer everyone. This willingness to cater to all customers has driven their successes. More and more jewelry lovers around the country and world are coming to realize that they can purchase jewelry through Jewelry Television at prices which are far lower than the prices of that of their local jewelry stores.

Second, you should shop at JTV if you’re looking for a huge selection. Unlike other home shopping television shows, Jewelry TV only deals in jewelry. Simply stop by their website to see how large, yet easy to navigate, their selection is. They have representatives that have gone around the world to find the newest gems, cuts, and colors to bring back and put on their shows. One such example of this is the gemstone Tanzanite, which is a variety of zoisite, and is only found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. These stunning blue-violet stones are estimated to be 1000 times rarer than diamonds. In fact, many have predicted and fear that tanzanite will some day become unattainable. But Jewelry Television has them in stock; in fact, they recently held the world’s first 24-hour tanzanite sales event. This is just one example of JewelryTV’s incredible jewelry and gemstone selection.

Thirdly, shop at ACNTV (that’s the old name) because it’s downright convenient. If you don’t have the time to wander through huge jewelry stores or surf all over the web looking for jewelry, simply turn on you TV or go and you’ll be well on your way to finding what you need in much less time. Perhaps you’ll even find yourself enjoying jewelry shopping like you never did before.

The only question remaining to ask is: who should shop at JewelryTV? You–that is, if you want to quickly and conveniently find amazing jewelry and gemstones at beautiful prices.