What Are The Benefits of Acrylic Cabochons?

Acrylic cabochons are a really popular choice for those who are making jewelry, but some people are not completely sure what the major benefits of using acrylic cabochon over any other type of cabochon. A cabochon is the name for any bead or item which has been given a smooth bottom and a raised, polished surface. The surface can be a variety of different shapes or styles (although they are commonly domes), and can sometimes be faceted, but a cabochon always has a flat, polished base.

Although cabochons are usually made using opaque or semi-transparent items, they are not always made from gem stones or glass. The popularity of acrylic cabochons has increased in recent years as it has become easier to make beads out of this material. Using opaque materials or semi-transparent materials to make cabochons is better than using transparent ones, because this technique helps to enhance the natural luster of the material, and, in the case of synthetic materials, it helps to promote any design which is imprinted or emblazoned on it.

One of the major benefits of using acrylic cabochons is that they are less susceptible to scratches or cracks than those which are made out of glass or natural gemstones. The ways in which natural gemstones are formed mean that they are likely to have natural imperfections, which can look unsightly. Even if a crack or imperfection on a gemstone cabochon is not visible, it can create big problems, as they can make the gemstone cabochon really susceptible to damage. Because acrylic cabochons are man-made, they are unlikely to have fatal flaws. Acrylic is a very strong, versatile material which can be made in a whole range of different colors. The beads won’t crack or break if they are dropped or knocked.

Acrylic cabochons are also a more economical choice than gemstone or glass cabochons. It is very easy to make any sort of acrylic beads, and cabochons are no exception. Unlike precious gem stones, acrylic cabochons are not rare, and therefore this means that they are a much more affordable choice. Despite being cheaper than gem stones beads, these acrylic beads can be just as beautiful as natural materials, and even more varied. This is one of the main reasons that acrylic cabochons are exceptionally popular amongst jewelry makers and hobbyists.

Because acrylic products are synthetic, rather than natural, it is possible to find a much wider range of products available. There are many different colors or patterns of acrylic bead which are available, which it would not be possible to find if you limited your choices to cabochons made of natural materials. It is much easier to imprint or emboss a design onto an acrylic product, without worrying about damaging the bead itself. This means that acrylic cabochons are a fantastic way to show off unusual designs. It is even possible to get these types of beads with letters printed onto them; so many people choose them when they are seeking to create personalized bracelets or promotional products. Different letters can be bought to spell out special words and phrases.

When you consider all of the reasons given above, it is no surprise that acrylic cabochons are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. To find cheap beads like these, or any other type of acrylic bead, visit your local beading supplies store, or log on to an online jewelry supplies website to check out what is on offer. Once you have seen the range available, you will be filled with inspiration. Use these cabochons for jewelry, crafts, clothing and much, much more.