Pear Shaped Diamonds

Like buying any diamond, in order for you to assure yourself that you are going to get your money’s worth; there are certain things that require your full awareness when shopping for diamonds. Each has shape that bring certain characteristic that may have a positive or negative effect on the appearance which entails that the value of any diamond, and pear diamonds does not vary in this sense.

The pear diamond is also popularly known as the teardrop diamond and is technically considered an evolution of the standard round brilliant cut. Another relative of the pear shaped diamond is the marquise cut. It is also roughly teardrop-shaped cut. It was one of the earliest kind of cuts but is already phased out.

These commonly have small, fine facets. This hides any clarity issue that a diamond may have. Though round diamonds explicit a spectacular sparkle and brilliance, pear shaped diamonds are not very far of when it comes to this certain diamond quality.

Pear shaped diamonds have distinct features that make them unique in their own right. One example is them having a single pointed end, in fact they are the only ones that is still in circulation that have this particular characteristic. Nowadays, cropped ends and corners are more usual because pointed ends may be damaged easily and more complicated to cut effectively without causing any flaws and surface imperfections. However, a near perfectly cut pear shaped diamond which is set out to protect the point from any kind of damage, may be surprisingly elegant and posses the beauty incomparable to any other diamond shapes.

Pear shaped jewelry are famous for earrings especially to those dangling type of earrings. It also popular for necklace pendants which may have one or more diamonds aligned in a parallel dangling pattern. The teardrop shape of a pear diamond is also commonly used diamond jewelry just as they are usual for diamond engagement rings. For soon-to-be brides who possess a pear shaped diamond engagement rings, adding other pear shaped jewelry to wear at day of their wedding would be a brilliant idea.

Another characteristic that distinguishes the pear shaped diamond is that they may exhibit what is popularly known as the bow tie effect. This pertains to the dark spots, which look like a bowtie or two symmetrical triangles, visible in the upper portion of the diamond. You don’t need to use any magnifying glass to see this effect because it is easily visible to the naked eye. However, the diamond’s certificate does not always contain this unique characteristic. With that being said, make sure to inspect the diamond from different angles before purchasing it. Pear shaped diamonds are highly recommended by diamond retailers.