Unique Mothers Day Jewelry Handcrafted by Moms

For those who have not yet decided what to get Mom for Mother’s Day, you still have time but you do want to make your selection now because to give her the best, means that the best still needs to be available. That is one of the advantages of unique Mothers Day Jewelry that is handcrafted specifically for Mom. Moms Day Necklaces that are one of the kind because they are created only for the most wonderful woman in the world are not sitting on the shelf waiting to be bought out by everyone else needing something for Mom. Make that special something Moms Day necklaces that are made by artisan Moms just for you.

Mom’s Name Charm Necklaces

Mom’s Name Charm Necklaces are lovingly crafted by artisan Mom, Holly. She delicately textures the dime-sized sterling silver charm to give it a rippling effect by carefully hammering the charm. She hand engraves the name of baby on the face in her own unique handwriting and adds the birth date on the reverse of the Moms Day necklaces. She then connects the elegant charm to the sterling silver chain with an authentic, tiny Swarovski Crystal that represents the month of birth of her baby. You can add as many charms and birth crystals as you like or have babies. Mom will be very pleased with this Mothers Day Jewelry that only she will be given.

Double Charms Necklace in Silver

Ann is another artist Mom who handcrafts Mothers Day Jewelry exactly the way that you ask. With two 3/4 inch sterling silver charms, you can ask her to engrave babies’ names, your names, or even a special message, up to 7 letters each charm. The Moms Day necklaces are accented with freshwater pearls worn on the sterling silver chain next to the charms to give the added message of love and recognition that she is as precious and unique as a pearl and that her heart is as deep as the ocean and wide as the sea. Additional charms can be added this Mom’s Day or for any celebration and special occasion.  

Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace

More Mothers Day Jewelry hand crafted by our artisan Mom, Ann, includes a dainty and endearing Triple Tiny Charms Necklace. Made from the purest sterling silver, these tiny charms measure only 1/2 an inch each in diameter and can be strung on the figure 8 sterling silver chain together or attached, evenly dispersed. You get to choose, which is why unique Moms Day necklaces are so fun. More of your love enters into the creation of the necklace which becomes an intimate connection between you and this wondrous lady whether she be your wife, your mom, or a very special Mother who graces your day. What makes this Mothers Day jewelry even more special is that Ann antiques the letters hand stamped onto the charm to make them stand out and then gives them a special polish so that they glisten and shine.