Cabinet Doors

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Cabinet doors come in all materials, shapes, sizes, and price ranges. The strength or durability of a cabinet is determined by the quality of the cabinet doors; therefore, it is essential to choose a cabinet that has a superior quality door. Cabinet manufacturers customize cabinet doors in various shapes, styles and materials.

Most cabinet manufacturers use different woods for cabinet doors including solid wood cover and stick raised panel, square and arched mitered, recessed panel and solid wood. Other than natural wood, manufacturers also use MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and RTF (ridged thermo foil) for construction cabinet doors. MDF is an excellent substitute for solid wood as it is uniform, very dense, smooth and free of knots and grain patterns.

Cabinet doors made of MDF have no joints and do not crack after they have been painted. MDF has a smooth and shiny surface and can be glued easily onto the cabinets.

Cabinet doors fitted with RTF veneers also look like natural wood. RTF does not require the tedious care and upkeep of natural woods and is fast becoming the most popular choice for homeowners. Other commonly used cabinet doors are stainless steel, aluminum, laminate and veneer.

Accessorizing cabinet doors is an important aspect of embellishing cabinets. There are four main types of decorative hardware including knobs, pulls, cup pulls and drop pulls. Knobs are circular and can be attached to a cabinet with one screw. Pulls are installed with two screws and are available in variety of materials such as metal and leather.