How Sexy Jewelry Can Increase Your Intimate Appeal

Since the beginning of time, visual appeal have been used to arouse flirtation and stimulate conversation.

Visual appeal is the only sense that extends directly into the brain. It is an essential component of our mood and memory a key to understanding sexual compatibility. Symmetry has a harmonizing and soothing effect on the brain and endocrine system and help us with ease. When visual objects are symmetrical, we favor them and label them attractive because they create balance.

Creating balance when selecting sexy jewelry and sexy accessories is essential to creating an attractive visual result. Hearts, bows, and butterflies are object elements easily integrated into jewelry to provide this symmetrical balance to create this attractive appeal.

Selecting the area to place your sexy jewelry and sexy accessories, such as the toes, ankles, wrists, waist-line, decollete, ears or even hair, is not only flirty fun but also creates sparks excitement between existing or potential partners. Strategic and well-placed jewelry and accessories highlights attractive assets and downplays any perceived flaws. When incorporated into outfits, sexy jewelry and sexy accessories create the punctuation in your desired statement.

When wearing corporate or business clothes, a well-placed necklace, bracelet or ring can underpin sex appeal. In lingerie or exotic-wear, sexy jewelry or sexy accessories are important items to complete the barely-there look. Like placing them on your hips, anklets, hair or toes to remind the partner about these sexy, downplayed areas of the body. This not only creates visual appeal which leads to intimacy, flirty details subconsciuously reinforced the differences between the sexes.

Colors are also an important part when selecting your sexy jewelry and sexy accessories. Colors serves as a powerful advisory to attraction and subconsciously dictates likeability. Contrary to popular belief, the color red can be a double-edged sword by actually threatening a man and turn off his attraction in the initial stages of attraction. On the other hand, it visually attracts a man innately and denotes her as amourous and sexy. Studies have found that when a woman wears red, men sit closer, ask more intimate questions, and perceive her as more desirable and higher social status.

In all, incorporating sexy jewelry and sexy accessories into any outfit worn throughout any given lifestyle can play an important part in the attraction process. By creating symmetry and balance with jewelry and accessories entices psychological attraction. Placement and color also plays an important role when selecting and wearing your sexy jewelry and sexy accessories.