Perluna Pearls Says a Pearl Jewelry Fashion

Currently, trend and fashion of pearl jewelry are often changing from one season then to another in a year. The changes look a little similar with that of costume fashion. It seems to be very hard to predict what is the coming trend or fashion. But it is not an absolute fact, as we have learned why do the customers buy a pear jewelry and what pearl jewelry is the favorite of different customers.

For answers to the above questions, some mental or psychological motives of purchase must be further concerned about, i.e. what are Pearl jewelry consumer thinking? How can the designer seize the ideas and lead them to a new tide?

Then some hints and clues of design affected pearl jewelry trend are still able to be found from the following factors:

Value: Many people have a popular idea that pearl jewelry, as one sort of gemstones can be used to keep value for long time. Moreover, high social status of a VIP may be balanced by a jewelry piece of luxury, elegance and dignity to some extent. That kind of value style of pearl jewelry lasts for ever.

Personality: When people are always getting sick of an old style, they hope for a completely fresh one. They also like to make themselves great different from others while they are choosing a pearl jewelry. They just want to find a unique and novelty piece reflecting their personality and lifestyle.

Commemoration: Birth, marriage and death are naturally essential to the course of a man’s life. His or her birth or birthday should be honored by a jewelry gift. Furthermore, promise ring and wedding necklace [] can witness the romance of a man and a woman’s love and marriage. When an old man has known his last days before he pass away, he likes to leave something wishful to his children. Also, a man may have some successful moments that worth memory. In such cases, Pearl jewelry should play as meaningful or precious souvenir. That kind of meaning may be source of inspiration for pearl jewelry design.

Aesthetical appealing: It is nature that people are pursuing beauty. Especially, the female are really sensitive to their images or impression that they give to the public or the male. So that pretty pearl jewelry is simply a feminine pet to enhance charming.

Morality: Sometimes people may be little puzzle with new changes of future life. Moral tradition, as product of history, must be rethought to be a guide, although it may have been missed or ignored for a long time.

That is what ideas occur to the designer, a new trend or fashion is coming.

A blossoming romance – purity and fragrance

When a new trend can cater for customer’s demand, it will lead a fashion or tide. It requires that the elements of fashion must be derived from customer’s metal pursuit. The elements of fashion may come from the classic style, and then something new be added to them. They can also be a combination or compromise of traditional elements and up-to-date ones.

In times of peace and development, more or less, the world has departed from war and disaster. Love, great or selfish, is inevitably a thesis of life. But modern sex revolution has set much unrest to true love, and purity should be called on back for love. Permanently, purity is a sound promise for love and marriage. Thus Pearl jewelry like pearl ring that comes out with a pure and holy tone will gain mother, girl and lady’s favor again.

Stressed and depressed urban dwellers are yearning towards nature. Of pearl jewelry, fragrant make or figure of living creatures can be created by precious metal piece with more exquisite modern crafts. The natural things enlighten the designer’s idea, then customer’s needs. Feminine purity and natural fragrance are combined into a blossoming romance. Here comes/forecasts a possible new trend for pearl jewelry.