Celtic Jewelry For Women – Be Careful You Don’t Insult Your Loved One!

Celtic jewelry for women can give you the answer to your quest for the perfect present. But there are things to beware of; the most important thing to understand is that Celtic designs are full of symbolism, so you need to be sure that you understand what you are buying or you may find that you have said more than you intended!

Some of the Celtic designs are very well known. One of the most popular ones is the Claddagh. This was first put together by an Irish man who was taken off to be a slave. He came up with the Claddagh design specifically for his Irish sweetheart back home, from whom he had been separated. There are three parts to this design, the hands of friendship, the heart of pure love and the crown of loyalty. So if you buy this ring, you are saying a heck of a lot. These rings are often passed from mother to daughter, however, a girl whose heart has not been given to any one will wear the ring with the heart facing the other way around, showing her heart as open.

So now you have an idea of what a ring can be, you will want to know how to choose the right one for your situation. Most of the designs are based around a few styles and symbols which are combined to mean different things.

There are the twists and knots. The twists are usually made of two strands intertwined to symbolize the union. These are often found going around the ring as a sign of unending love. There are also the knots which are similar, apart from one which is the trinity. The trinity is found quite a lot and it represents the cycle of life. There is one problem with the trinity. The symbolism for the trinity is usually portrayed as either the life cycle of the moon or the life cycle of a woman. The life cycle of the moon is described as the waxing, full and waning, which is fine. However in reference to a woman it is usually described as the maiden, the mother and the crone. Technically it may be accurate, but do you really want to tell the woman you love that she either is a crone or may become one?

The sun is a pretty save bet as symbolism goes. It is about warmth, giving and love. It is also associated with fertility, but this is not its sole meaning. The sun also not only lends itself to being in the included in Celtic designs, but is also makes amazing pendants, especially when teamed up with precious or semi-precious stones at its center.

The range of Celtic jewelry for women is huge, and you are sure to find something which you like and will be appropriate, but it is definitely worth making sure that you understand the symbolism of the item you choose.