Plus Size Lingerie – Big Girls Can Be Sexy, Too!

Let's face it, we are not all built like beanpole runway models. That does not mean that we can not have sexy lingerie. Most men agree that they prefer full-figured ladies. The underclothing manufacturers are starting to get into the business of plus size lingerie, and that's a good thing for most of us! There is an astonishing variety of under things for larger ladies. These are a little hard to find in department stores, or even in adult stores, but they are very easy to locate on the internet.

"Lingerie", from the old French word line, meaning linen, has been available from the days of Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Then, nudity was more accepted, as were various body types. If you look at art from those time periods and from Europe during the Renaissance, you will note that most of the models' bodies are full and voluptuous. So, it's time for us big ladies to jump in and enjoy. Adventures with plus size intimate apparel can boost the ego and help uplift self-confidence and body image.

Corsets (tight-fitting bodice from the shoulder to below the waist, usually tied up with long laces up the from), are dated from the Elizabethan era. Once considered as uncomfortable because of their intensity and whale-bone supports, corsets were known for their love-hate relationship with their wearers. Old fashioned corsets were meant to mold the body into thinness and show off the wearer's bosom. No more, today's plus size corsets are soft and comfortable (although still centered on a fine display of a full chest). It is fun to surprise your partner with a lovely be-ribboned plus size corset, and you probably will be surprised at how good you look!

Another product you might want to try is the plus size babydoll. While not asaring as a corset, you can really get your partner's pulse up with a baby doll. This kind of lingerie is obscure in origin, although it seems to have become popular in movies during the 1950's and 60's. Baby dolls are short cut and low-plunged night gowns, frequently trimmed in lace or florets. they cover a lot, while giving the promise of more! Whatever plus size lingerie you purchase, it is a gift to your partner, but more importantly to yourself. It is not necessary to be thin to be attractive, sexy and fun. Celebrate what you are, if that is being a plus size lady, get some plus size lingerie and enjoy!