How to Improve Erectile Function Naturally

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Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual problem, which defines the loss of a man’s ability to gain stiff and sustained erections of his penis while indulging in sex. The victims of erectile dysfunction experience limp penis that can not erect firmly and frequently. In erectile dysfunction the male sex organ loses its ability to stay erect and drops down before it makes its way into the woman’s vagina. This is a frequently observed problem in men and research proves that one out of every ten men develop erectile dysfunction once in their lifetime.

Erectile dysfunction takes a toll on the lives and relationships of its victims. It brings down the curtain of separation between you and your partner. Losing erection in the middle of sexual intercourse leaves both you and your partner dissatisfied and disappointed.

Though erectile dysfunction is a normal and natural outcome of aging – it may result from physical and psychological factors in younger men too. Some of the factors that may subjugate you to erectile dysfunction are:

Physical causes:

o Vascular disease or arterial insufficiency like blockage of arteries

o Diabetes (men suffer from erectile dysfunction in 50% of diabetes cases)

o High blood pressure

o Pelvic surgery for colon cancer

o Prostate surgery for prostate cancer

o Multiple sclerosis

o Reduced blood flow to the penis

o Spinal cord injury

o Hormonal imbalance like low level of testosterone

o Cerebral disorder

o Damage to the genital area

Psychological causes:

  • Emotional disorders like anxiety, stress and depression
  • Mental conflict and distress
  • Lack of confidence to make fulfilling sex
  • Irrational apprehension of failure in sex
  • Indifference to sex

Other Causes

  • Long-term intake of prescription medications like antidepressant and sedative drugs
  • Long-term resistance from sex leading to disinterest in sex
  • Busy schedule including the hours that are ripe of having sex
  • Poor communication of feeling and desire for sex
  • Unhappy marriage and lack of faith in your partner
  • Immoderate smoking (Smokers are at 50% higher risk than nonsmokers)
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks
  • Prolonged hours of bicycling

What can I do, if I have Erectile Dysfunction?

Improvement of erectile function with prescription drugs always has potential contraindications and side effects. However, herbal pills without side effects have always proved very efficient with Erectile Dysfunction. One such pill is PotenC, which excels in fighting off the problem. The fusion of herbal extracts and essential nutrients in the composition of PotenC promotes the arterial function of the male genital area to give the victim firm and frequent erections by improving the peripheral tissue vasodilatation.