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When hunting for materials to make up your kitchen countertop, the mainstay materials have always been granite, marble, corian and laminates. These are tried and true choices of material that will provide you with beautiful and lasting countertops. But with modern technology and the ever increasing creativity of the countertop industry, many other exotic types of countertops are now available.

Made from recycled industrial aluminum scrap and molded into a polyester resin, the alkemi countertop offers a modern and unusual look. Alkemi countertops are considered green countertops as it consists of about 60% recycled aluminum. Adding to the unusual look is the strength and durability of the alkemi countertop. Coupled with competitive pricing, the alkemi countertop is a very reasonable option available.

Semi-precious stone countertops are another form of exotic countertops. Being made of semi-precious stones, these countertops can cost quite a bit but the exotic look that is offered by this type of countertop makes it all worthwhile. Semi-precious countertops are made by individually cutting many semi-precious stones and then binding them together to form a continuous solid surface. The colors and finishing effect depend heavily on the types semi-precious stones used. To add to the majestic look of the semi-precious countertop, you can opt to add under surface lighting to really bring out the beauty of the stones.

Steel countertops are becoming quite common in homes nowadays so if you want to take the metal countertop option a step further and into the exotic, then a pewter countertop is a way to go. Pewter countertops have been used in French cafes for centuries and can add a touch of classic elegance to your home. Pewter is soft and durable, simple to maintain and is resistant to chemicals. The softness of the pewter allows decorative patterns to stamped or carved into it. You can have elegant designs stamped on the edges of the countertop or maybe a full elegant design on the surface of the countertop and covered with glass.

Another green countertop is the Vetrazzo countertop. The Vetrazzo countertop is made of recycled consumer and industrial glass. You can go for a single color effect or mix and match different colors of glass to create the countertop. The Vetrazzo countertop is sure to add that special touch to your home.

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