Enjoy Luxury With Meet And Greet Airport Parking At Gatwick

If you would rather not have to struggle with heavy luggage, get on and off transfer buses or worry about getting your young children safely across a busy airport car park, the meet and greet service at Gatwick is perfect for you. It will make your trip that little bit more special by taking away the initial hassle of airport parking.

Regardless of your travel reasons, the airport parking meet and greet service at Gatwick will appeal to you. Whether you are a business traveler, traveling with young children, traveling with heavy luggage or you have special needs, the meet and greet service is the best way for you to begin your trip. Even people who do not fit in the above categories are making use of the affordable meet and greet service to experience a little bit of luxury.

As you will be met at the airport terminal by a uniformed, authorized company representative, any apprehensions about security can be forgotten. The representative will take your car to the off-site airport parking lot. All company representatives are covered by fully comprehensive insurance which will give you even more peace of mind as you begin to enjoy your hassle-free trip inside the terminal.

Once at the off-site airport parking area, your car will be securely protected by CCTV, security fencing, flood lighting and 24 hour patrols. You can be assured that your car will remain secure until you return to Gatwick and are once again welcomed by the services of meet and greet representatives.

Due to the professional service and the added comfort and convenience that airport parking's meet and greet service offers, many customers find that they return to use the service on future trips. The value for money of the meet and greet service is exceptional and it will make you wonder why you did not use this service in the past.

Better still, it is possible that the cost of the meeting and greet service will be no more than a standard airport parking option, depending on your booking details and length of notice. Even if the meet and greet service is a little more expensive, the peace of mind and extra convenience you gain from using it will be well worthwhile.

When you are 10 to 20 minutes from the airport, the meet and greet service ask you to call the number provided at the time of booking so that they can dispatch their representative to meet you. For your convenience, the meeting point will be outside the Departures area of ​​either the North or South terminal.

To have your car returned outside the Arrivals area of ​​the North or South terminal, you need to call the office once you have claimed your checked in baggage so that a representative can be dispatched with your car.

The benefits of the meet and greet service far outweigh the extra you pay for your airport parking. To get a discounted rate next time you travel from Gatwick, visit: airport-parking-discounts.co.uk or save-on-parking.co.uk. Here you can pre-book the meet and greet service with ACE or Aardvark rather than a standard airport parking option. We are sure you will find the service exceptional value for money.