A Broken Laptop For Sale Could Save You Money

If you have a damaged laptop and are prepared to do a little research then you could get that part from another laptop where that part is working and use it to get yours going again. Or you could buy 2 or more laptops and with the right selection get one working laptop on the cheap. It may seem like a daunting task if you have no expertise in this area but if you know someone who is well around a computer then you do not have to know much yourself. Simply get them to do the work for you. If you do the skills to basically replace parts then you could even consider starting up a business restoring laptop computers.

Just think you have had your laptop for less than a year when the Hard Driver stops working. You have 2 choices either to send it away to cost you an arm and a leg or try searching for someone with the same or similar scrap laptop with a working Hard Drive then buy it and replace it. The reason I said similar Laptop is that you may find that there is a range of laptops that use the part (s) that could replace your damaged item, so it does not have to be exactly the same part. I have used a hard drive in this example, but this could have done with parts such as CD / DVD drive or even the battery.

Just think if you do not have a laptop at all but find two laptops that are the same but have different problems, one could have a faulty screen the other could have a faulty mother board. If you could buy the two of them and change the necessary parts then you could end up with a fully functioning laptop at a fraction of it's original cost.

If you work at it you may find you get what you need without paying a penny simply because someone might be just getting rid of their laptop.

Depending on how serious you are about obtaining a broken laptop will determine where and how you do your searching. Below is a list of options you will have to find what you are looking for.

  1. Car boot, garage sales or swap meets could prove a cheap even free way of getting your hands on a laptop. These can be a little hit and miss. You could be looking at some expensive rubbish or a very good bit of kit for nothing or almost nothing.
  2. You could try searching the Internet using sites like eBay and Amazon to name just 2, they offer spares or repairs type of auctions.
  3. Classified Ads can be a good place to search for laptop spares or repairs it maybe best to stick with your local area to save on delivery.
  4. If you are more serious about doing this you could place a wanted ad in your local paper classified section. Where you will get calls from people trying to sell there laptops. You must be sure about exactly what you want and what you are willing to pay for these bits.

All in all there are a lot more ways you could advertise the fact that you are willing to pay for broken laptops. If you put your mind to it a lot of them will be free. Try advertising in your local shop window.