The Enduring Quality of Naturalizer Shoes

What woman does not think of Naturalizer Shoes as the epitome of comfort in women’s shoes? For decades this renowned company has been providing women with stylish footwear that, with their trademark comfort, soft insoles and durability, have earned their recognition as a quality line of women’s shoes. But do Naturalizer Shoes truly deserve their reputation for unparalleled comfort? And, even more importantly, do these shoes offer comfort that is worth their price?

First, let us examine the price of this venerable line of foot apparel. The majority of these shoes sell between $60 to $120 dollars, with some of their boots having prices outside of this range. Now this price range is eminently reasonable for a shoe line geared towards a price conscious woman who simply wants a new pair of affordable, quality shoes for everyday wear. Overall, the prices are very reasonable, particularly for a “comfort” brand. The shoes are sold in most department stores and shoe retailers. 

Sure, Naturalizer Shoes are priced within an affordable range. But their primary selling point has been and remains their legendary comfort. Another aspect that makes these shoes great is that they are available in a stunning variety of widths. If you have trouble finding shoes that fit you from the start, then this solid footwear line should have just the kind of shoe to fit you. However, if you do require either a very wide or narrow width then you may need to look at a specialty store or search online to find a shoe that matches your specific needs. These shoe line has enjoyed an enduring reputation of quality for decades, one of the reasons they are such an in-demand brand nationally. And this reputation seems earned-the Naturalizer Shoes line owns an excellent reputation for making quality shoes. They use quality materials and make their shoes with non-slip soles and genuine leather; when you step into a pair of these shoes the craftsmanship is immediately evident-these are shoes that are built to last. However the company does not back up its shoes with a quality guarantee or warranty. This lack of standing behind their shoes can be a major deterrent to many potential customers.

Next, let’s consider style and design of these shoes, two elements of indisputable importance to most every woman out shopping for a new pair of shoes. Deserved or not, over the years the brand has acquired a reputation for being an older woman’s shoe. The company is aware of this though and has made strong efforts in recent years to update its shoe line and thereby court a new, younger generation of women to embrace their brand. And, as younger women begin opting for more comfortable shoes at a reasonable price, Naturalizer Shoes should experience a new, resurgent popularity among their ranks.

The company has not forgotten its traditional clientele though. They still make their traditional beige lace-up shoe, the so-called granny shoe that has been the flagship of the Naturalizer line. But, like many another company they are aware that they can’t rely forever on a traditional appeal. The company has therefore made a sincere effort to broaden its appeal by offering beautiful flats, lovely heels, and casual soles with more of an edgy design. While no one will mistake Naturalizer Shoes for Manalo Blaniks, still, the company deservers credit for trying to progress with the times. The Naturalizer Shoes brand has an enduring legacy. But overall, they are not content to just rest with that. While they will never be part of the fashion shoe world, this is a shoe brand that remains a good bet for the woman looking for a shoe of distinguished quality and affordability.