KitchenAid U Series Dishwashers – The Best Dishwasher Ever?

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If you are looking for quality appliances for your kitchen, Kitchenaid appliances stand head over heels above the rest. Kitchenaid provides a complete selection of appliances, including: refrigerators, mixers, grinders, toasters, microwaves, food processors and more.

With this article, I would like to focus on the Kitchenaid U Series Dishwasher. The Kitchenaid U Series Dishwasher is among the new appliances released in 2007. It has been labeled as Kitchenaid's "quietest and best performing" dishwasher ever produced.

The Series U dishwasher incorporates two new innovations, the Whisper Quiet Ultima Sound Insulation System and the ProScrub option. The Whisper Quiet Ultima Sound Insulation System allows the Series U dishwasher to operate with an exceptionally low sound of only 48 dBA, which is about half the 80 dBA of regular dishwashers.

In addition, the Series U dishwasher boasts the ProScrub option. This performance enhancing option is especially useful when dealing with tough to manage stains and baked-on matter.

The Series U dishwasher is also stylish and easy to use. It is beautifully designed to give your kitchen a sleek, clean, modern look. The Series U accomplishes this look by placing the dishwasher controls within a hidden console that is fully integrated into it's architecture.

Kitchenaid dishwashers are well known for their ease of use and the Series U is no exception. Some of the features include: a 4-blade food disposer that eliminates the need for pre-rinsing your dishes, a stainless steel extra tall tub that holds more dishes and provides better drying, a culinary tool rack that provides extra space for hard-to -place items, and my favorite, an optimum wash sensor that automatically adjusts the wash cycle to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency.

Finally, Kitchenaid products come with a better than average warranty and prices are more than reasonable. If you are thinking about a new dishwasher for your kitchen, the Series U is definitely one to consider. It has a retail price of around $ 1400, however, it can be found at lower prices if you take the time to do some research.

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