ITIL V3 – Five Key Benefits

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ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library), now updated to version 3, has been around for quite some time and does not show any signs of disappearing into the sunset as so many other initiatives have in the past. So what is it that keeps ITIL on top of the game and in the arsenal of many top IT organizations?

ITIL Keeps Evolving

One of the reasons for the success of the framework is hinted at by the version number. It's not a static, one size fits all, solution to total quality management. It has adapted to the changing needs of business; and continues to do so.

It Is a Framework

Rather than introducing users with a fixed set of processes or procedures, ITIL is a framework into which organizations can build their own processes and procedures. This flexibility makes it adaptable to any business need.

It Is Modular

You do not have to implement the whole of ITIL to get the benefit from it. Organizations, and particularly smaller businesses, can implement just those parts of the framework that are best suited to their needs. Even if you do want the whole thing, you can implement it in stages and start to see some immediate benefits as you roll out the framework.

It Is Scalable

ITIL can be scaled to suit just about any size of business since it is designed to be flexible.

It Is Business Focused

ITIL has always been about aligning the technology with the business need; this is especially true of ITIL 3. Have you ever felt like the technology could threaten to overwhelm the business? Sometimes it's almost as if the business is only there to give the technology something to do. ITIL 3 is designed to keep everyone's attention on the needs of the business. After all, the technology is really only there to support those needs.

So is ITIL v3 something that your organization needs? Check it out for yourself; it could be worth your time.