Garden Lights – Perfect Amalgamation of Elegance & Utility

Lights are something that are generally considered utility items, mean for lighting up an open or enclosed space. But, this introduction is not enough for garden lights. Of course, they possess the fundamental property of lights, ie, to light, but they are not limited to only this. Garden lights are the perfect amalgamation of elegance and utility. That is to say, they serve the purpose of both lighting and decoration.

Garden lights are quite essential from the point of view of both safety and beauty. This is the reason that they have become an inherent part of the contemporary gardens. The number of styles, designs and sizes in which these lights are available are virtually countless. The primary varieties of these lights are stated below:

Garden Lanterns: Garden lanterns provide an elegant way to illuminate and embellish the garden. Commonly made of metals like iron, bronze, copper and brass, these lanterns can be hung on a tree branch or topped on a pillar. They have two variants, one lit by an electric bulb and other lit by a candle. Each is good at its place and the choice purely depends upon individual needs and preferences.

Lamp Posts: It is a kind of light that is fitted on the top of a pole or stand. They are quite aesthetic in appeal and usually installed in a particular formation. When lit together, these lights lend a magical appeal to the whole garden. The lamp posts are usually made of materials like iron, stainless steel and marble. These lights can be often seen near the boundaries or around the patios and walkways in a garden.

Antique Hurricane Lamps: These lamps are shaped like a hurricane and are also considered an ideal garden decorative item. The hurricane lamps either possess a wick or oil lamp for the purpose of lighting. They are particularly preferred due to their antique designs and styles. These lamps are most appropriate for adding an air of serenity to your garden.

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