Home Gym Decor Need Not Be An Exercise In Frustration


The decision to build a home gym is extremely a commitment to your health, well-being and to your body but it should not be an exercise in frustration or in one of futility. The road to looking good is about more than just feeling good and feeling confident, it's about creating a home gym space with decor that is at once functional but is also able to speak to your goals, and to your personality. The advantages of building a gym at home are many, not the least of which include privacy should you prefer or require it; a time savings otherwise traveling to and from the gym; never having to wait for a machine or apparatus to free up; and of course, the convenience of working out at your own pace, on your own time, and at your own convenience. In fact, a recent survey by the International Health, Racquet and Sports Association (IHRSA), revealed that fully 67% of people who go to fitness centers also own home exercise equipment.

The creation of your home gym space should start with the physical space itself. Much like a home office, trying to find a space to work or workout it is almost as challenging as the task itself. If, however, your goal is to create a workout regimen, a dedicated space should be your goal from the outside. Plan accordingly.

Your home gym can be as simple or as sophisticated as your budget can afford. It may be as simple a space for a skipping rope and a set of dumbbells. It may require a little more room to position a yoga mat and a Pilates ball affording you the ability to stretch without limitation. Or it may demand ample space for a fully equipped gym including your elliptical machine, treadmill, rowing machine and your full weighting system. A home gym space within your bedroom affords privacy. A home gym in the family room may offer additional stimulation provided by the television.

Finally, the creation of a home gym decor scheme extremely comes down to you. At the very least it should provide stimulation and motivation. As such, four decor elements can help you reach your goals. The first is a mirror so you can monitor your progress. The second is motivational posters. Again, you may choose to borrow from your home office, the other home space where success is the prime motivator in completely the task at hand. The third d├ęcor element is celebrity posters of your choice. It may be a red carpet moment. It may be a bathing suit on a beach. In either instance, it helps create an image in your mind to which you can aspire. The last, borrowing elements from each of the three previously listed comes from the world of sports. Whether a team, a sport or an individual player success, motivation and peak performance are fully imbued in the sports heroes we pay homage to. And with those million dollar salaries earned, why not make them work for you?