Back to School Organizing For Kids 101 – Backpacks & Book Bags

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Backpacks and book bags are a back to school staple. Every kid needs at least one! Have you seen how they look inside? Most of the time, they are crammed full of papers in a haphazard fashion. I've seen many kids digging out every book and paper searching for what they need or want.

Here are some handy tips to keep your backpacks and book bags organized. No more digging around in the bottom or losing your homework!

When purchasing a new backpack or book bag, make sure they have these features to help keep things neat and tidy!

Backpack and Book Back Organizing Tips

  • Outside Pockets This is a great place for putting small items such as zip bags where you keep your pens, pencils, rulers, lip gloss etc. Keep things you need to reach often in these areas. If your bag does not have outside pockets, use the one on the inside instead. If your bag does not have either, purchase a pen / pencil container or zipper bag to keep the smaller items contained and in one location. Try to find a bag that has outside as well as inside pockets for best organization.
  • Inside Pockets This is a great place for small things that you want to keep more secure such as money, keys, cell phones, etc. Do not place things that are important or expensive in outside pockets where they can be easily taken.
  • Zipper Bags This is a great place for those pens, pencils, etc. Girls can keep a separate one for lip gloss, hair clips, etc. If you have special small items you need for a particular class, consider purchasing a separate zipper bag for that class and label it accordingly.
  • Drinks Water bottles, sports drinks, sodas, etc. are best in a pocket with a net and stored on the outside, away from books and papers.
  • Multiple Bags If you participate in sports, band, or other extra curricular activities that require extra gear, consider purchasing an additional bag to store the gear for each activity separately. This will keep things together. Just do not forget to take the correct bag with you when you need it!
  • Clean Regularly Go through the bag and clean it out daily. It's best to do it right after you come home. Put your trash in the trash – but do not trash that note from the teacher! Put your lunch items up when you get home. You do not want week-old, moldy sandwiches in the bottom of your bag!
  • File It Away File your important papers when you clean out your bag (right after you get home is best). Pin up reminders, project notes, etc. on your bulletin board or message area. Write important deadlines on your white board. You will not forget a thing if you do it right away.
  • Prepare For Tomorrow Pack your bag before going to bed. This will short cut your time getting ready in the morning. You're also less likely to forget something important if you do it now than first thing in the morning rush to get out the door. If you're not a morning person, packing your books now will let you sleep later in the morning!

These handy tips will keep you organized, clean and ahead of the pack!

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