Three Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash From Home Starting Today Even If You Do not Have Any Money

Making money from home on a full or part time basis may not be as complicated as you think, the main thing is focus and creativity. We are surrounded by opportunities and only limited by our creativity, motivation and passion.

Here are three ways to start making money from home without spending anything:

1. Do an audit of all the stuff that you have in your storage, any old books or clothes DVDs, videos, art etc. These things may have no value to you but you can find people that are looking for them and willing to pay you good money for them. All you need to do is post these items on free classified websites and free classified print publications in your area. Using this method, you may find items that people want and you could make a little business out of providing them.

You can receive your payment from the buyer using the PayPal service, all you need is an email address to set up your PayPal.

2. Do an audit of your own skills and hobbies to find out if there is anything that you can make or produce and sell for a profit.

This could be producing a physical product like art work, furniture or a machine of some sort. It could be a service like fixing things, cleaning, removals, gardening and home help.

You may also have some skills that people are willing to pay for if so, you could make money from writing on your specialist subject. Tutoring and training people in your area of ​​expertise or experience, this could be anything from anthropology to business or zoology. Even if you are not an expert in a subject but are keen to learn and share your passion on it, you could read the top ten books in that subject then start to train other in it, many people may want to learn but they may be unwilling to read the top ten books in the subject so you will be providing them with a valuable service.

3. Work as a commission only sales person.

There are many ways to start off with nothing then earn an income in sales, you could look at some of the MLM opportunities available and find something that has no upfront joining fees. You could do an internet search on commission only sales jobs, some businesses sell their products and services via sales agents that are only paid when they sell some thing.

Some products sold in this way are financial services, business to business products and services like computer services and business to consumer products and services like photography and home improvement. It is also common to find work in telephone sales from making business to business appointments for sales people to selling insurance, mobile phones and other products and services via a warm or cold list or prospects.

There are so many ways to earn extra money from home and I feel the opportunities will increase as the global financial situation worsens. Existing large businesses may fail, others may be looking for ways to make a saving so this gives you an opportunity to fill the gap by providing services if you are business minded. If you are not into business and just want to make some extra cash from home, you may exploit the opportunity to telework from home as more businesses look to cut the cost of employing full time staff and use freelance homeworkers instead.

You can look for commission only sales work from sales focussed employment agencies online or just do a search, you can also look for teleworking the same way.

If find it helps to keep your goal in mind and always have a positive attitude.

It is also important to have some free internet marketing training as it will teach you how to market your self and your business online in the most effective way.