Hen Parties in England


Hen parties are groups of bachelorettes who help a bride-to-be say goodbye to being single and saying hello to married life. The purpose of hen parties is very similar to the purpose for celebrating stag parties. There are no two hen parties that are the same. They could involve a variety of outdoor and indoor daytime activities, and they can include an evening of fine dining, dancing, and being temped by hot men.

Hen parties usually occur in England as well as other countries of Europe, and are very similar in nature to American Bachelorette celebrations. They often include the consumption of alcohol and limo rides, just like the American parties. There are many locations that Hen parties can take place in Europe. However, one of the most popular places would be in the UK, particularly in England. Some hen parties are planned on the town while others take place in a home.

Often hen parties involve the use of handing out memorabilia, such as a t-shirt or hat that party attendees can take with them. Usually people who attend these parties are wedding party attendants, single women that the bride knows, and female members of the bride's family. One idea for hen parties at home in England would include those such as pampering parties. These would include giving and receiving messages, and the presentation of a mail-order gift registry from which party attendees pick from the list to purchase for the bride-to-be. This could also be done at a bridal party as well.

Similarly organized parties could take place for groups of ladies at health spas where massages can be given by pros. Furthermore, other facial and body treatments may be given at events such as these. Other activities that females may enjoy at hen parties would include outdoor ones, such as swimming, or lying on the beach to work up a healthy tan. Some of the more risqué hen parties may include at least one male stripper, who is meant mostly for looks and show. Traditionally, this male stripper being presented to the bride-to-be and wedding party is to see if the bride can rise above all temptation and remain faithful. However, to many it is mainly just a matter of a "last hurrah" without actually "going all the way" with the extremely sexy male model (or more than one model).

Not only can a hen party in England be an important celebration for an engaged woman this could also be the time for singles attending the hen party to socialize with new men that they have never met before. Usually everyone wins when they go to one of these parties. If driving while drinking is a concern, hen party attendees can rent a classy limo service to serve the transportation needs of the group. In fact, inside a limo may be the place for the "surprise" would be one of the idea places to present a sexy half-dressed male. Many bachelorette groups will leave the driving to someone else so they can enjoy themselves. Entire hen parties can be planned online without even picking up the phone in some cases. However, it is possible to speak to a live person if a hen party group has any questions at all.