Fund Raising Jewelry Is Not About Diamonds and Gold

Many nonprofit organizations and other groups depend on fund raising efforts as their main source of funds. Millions of dollars are spent on jewelry every year in the United States alone, and these groups are getting a piece of that. Fund raising jewelry events can be money rich events. This article will outline some of the best fund raising jewelry ideas.

Trinkets Are a Good Fund Raising Jewelry Item

If you have put together your fund raising plan hopefully you have created a theme for your fund raiser. If you can match the theme with some cute charms you may be able to sell several more trinkets and charms than normal. There are so many choices in charms and trinkets that these are sure to be a big seller.

Photo Bracelets Make Goof Fund Raising Jewelry Items

You can find companies that specifically design bracelets with charms and other items on them that are collage related. If you live in an area that is big in supporting their local collage then you may be able to sell lots of product based on their support of the school and your main cause. Fund raising jewelry bracelets are usually going to sell for a reasonable price so that moats anyone can afford one or two bracelets.

Ribbon Pins and Symbol Jewelry

You will find several good online companies that offer hundreds of items for fund raising jewelry events. They will often help you find jewelry that matches well with the theme you are raising money for. Breast cancer is always a popular fund raising event. The ribbon pin can be a great choice of fund raising jewelry for this type of event.

Fund raising jewelry events can have hundreds of items to offer, but you should not try to offer too many jewelry choices. The more successful fund raising jewelry events will keep their selections. Keep it to a minimum amount of items that will fit nicely with the reason you are raising money. You may only need three or four different jewelry selections and then be able to buy your fund raising jewelry at a nice discount by purchasing several at a time.