Various Ways of Sending Excess Baggage

How this is sent differs depending on how quickly you want or need your beloveds to get to you and what budget you have for getting them there.

Air Freight

This is by far the quickest and easiest way of getting any extra baggage sent over but you will pay more for air freight than any other freight service simply because of the costs involved for the company. It can take only 14 days to have your belongings back with you which is why air freight costs considering more than the other services. If you need them sooner rather than later though this may be the only option, but if you choose air freight than everything is taken care of from the picking up of your belongings at your old address to your new one in your new home.

Sea Freight

A popular choice amongst younger travelers as it is the cheapest. However, in comparison to air freight it takes a reasonable amount longer for your blessings to reach you. In some cases it will be up to 12 weeks so if this is the way you are sending your possessions then make sure you leave plenty of time for it to get there. You will be able to track where your stuff is because so you can keep an eye on where it is at all times.

Road Freight

The ability to use road freight obviously depends on where you are moving from and to. If possible though road freight is a good choice as it is a fast and flexible option for moving bearings through Europe. Like sea freight you can check on the whereabouts of your marriages at all stages of the journey.

You can use a combination of the three types of freight and you can ask the baggage company for advice when choosing the right one. It all comes down to how quick you want your possessions getting to you and the budget you have to spend. The important thing to remember that all 3 methods are safe so which one you choose your blessings will reach you safe and sound if you choose a reputable company.