How To Choose The Right Nursing Shoes So That You Are Taking Care Of Yourself Too

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No matter where you work as a nurse chances are that you spend a large part of your day on your feet. Many people do not realize that in addition to the patience and the education it takes to be a nurse it also takes some physical strength and stamina. Some days you may not get 5 minutes to sit down all day because you are so busy so it is really critical that you choose the proper shoes to help support your feet. I know when I was growing up my mom worked as a nurse and one of her biggest complaints was having to be on her feet all day long and she worked a lot of 12 hour shifts.

For nurses, as with other people who are on their feet all day, comfort needs to be the foremost consideration. Never put style over comfort when you must be standing the majority of your work shift. You will not be seeing nurses wearing high heels! Being on your feet for ten hours or more is very stressful on your legs, ankles, feet and your lower back as well. Choosing the proper shoes with good padding and support will help to alleviate this.

When you are looking for shoes to wear in your nursing profession you also want to look for shoes with non slip soles since there are many situations you may find yourself in where the floor may be slippery. There is always something wet on the floor in a hospital.

It is best to choose rubber soles because not only do they give you stability but they are also protective against foreign substances that you may step on. You can simply wash your shoe off and go about your business. You want to be sure that you buy shoes with thick soles as well.

I just had to go into the hospital a couple of months ago and the nurses and doctors alike were almost all wearing the new rubber shoes called "Crocs". Undoubtedly they must be extremely comfortable for so many of the staff at the hospital to be wearing them. Another cool thing about them is that they are very much in style too, especially in my area. These shoes are made entirely of rubber so they are very easy to care for, all you have to do is just wash them off with soap and water and you are good to go. This makes an excellent choice for an environment such as a hospital where you may be coming in contact with all kinds of biohazards that you have to deal with on a daily basis.