2007 Trends in LED Lighting

Often in the first world nations especially in places like the United States, they have figured out their energy needs and have plenty of energy. However just because a nation has plenty of energy does not mean they should have a free pass to waste that energy or to pollute the environment. Wasting anything takes no brainpower and really makes no sense at all. There are many ways to save energy through conservation and better technologies that use less of it.

LED lighting may be the answer to saving us from such hypothetical events as global warming. LED lighting is extremely efficient and illuminating due to the low power requirements it takes. If all the lights in the United States were changed to LED lighting the amount saved would mean the reduction of production of energy by nearly 30%. That is a huge savings and it also means less pollution would be generated as well.

LED lighting also makes sense for mobile applications, where generation of power is limited or non-existent. In fact there are 100s of killer applications for LED Lighting for everything from Space Ships and Space Colonies to factories, schools and stadiums. Then there are things like bikes, jogging lights, sailboats, RVs, submarines, aircraft and robotic applications to consider as well.

LED lighting is literally one of those revolutionary technologies which comes along every decade or so and yet not much attention is being paid to it. This is unfortunate although it also provides greater opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs who take the bull by the horns and run with it. In this subject we should also discuss a plethora of potential killer applications for LED lighting and potential futureities on the research and development fronts. I appreciate you reading this article. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?