Netbooks – Good News in a Bad Economy

If we go by the Law of Attraction, the only way that any one is going to survive the doldrums of a bad economy is to hear more good news (the more good news you hear, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the more good things you will attract). So here's a bit of good news: netbooks are emerging as runaway bestsellers in this time of recession. And most models are still priced cheap.

So, while there may be debate on which Operating System is best for netbooks in general, there is no question that they are good for people who are selling them, and for the people who are buying them.

In a report by DisplaySearch, the number of laptop mini-me's sold in the first quarter of 2009 is already 65 percent the total number of netbooks sold in the entire 2008. Netbooks are expected to compose one-fifth of the total number of notebooks that will be shipped in 2009, which is pegged at 133 million. In contrast, sales of traditional notebooks are expected to grow only 3 percent this year.

Not unexpectedly, each of the major PC manufacturers (around 15 of them), with the exception of Apple, have mini laptops in their product line. This is a far cry from 2007, from when Asus initially offered the very first netbook.

This phenomenon can easily be explained. With tight budgets, many people are opting for cheap options for their computing needs, until they feel comfortable enough in their finances. So what does this mean for you? Take advantage of the netbook boom and their low prices. Buy or sell.