LG 26LH20-26 Inch LCD TV

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Packaged with the "Smart Energy Saving" technology, the 26 inch LCD Television of LG has now been released into the digital market to emphasize on the proverb – "Simple living, higher thinking". This simple looking TV has got 720 pixel resolutions that offer a good picture. It conserves a significant amount of energy through the use of video mute as well as the backlight control options. This good-looking TV installations of a front panel that hides all the ports from your view.

Even though, this TV has only limited essential features, the picture quality is neverless much sharper than that of a regular TV set. Talking about the picture quality, a review of this LCD Television has also shown that it covers 720 pixels high definition resolution along with 60 Hz refresh rate. Beside these, there is also the provision for connecting two HDMI inputs such as Blu-ray players, DVD players and other such devices. Moreover, it also offers an easy calibration options, not only for audio but also video along with an easy access to the content. Also, the owners will be glad to know that the Super IPS panel is made for the comfort of giving you a better contrast and color of the pictures along with probably better response times. So, if you want top find out for yourself, then try watching from any off angles. I assure you that you will be presented good picture quality with just a little variance. Furthermore, this 26 inch TV is also packaged with the ISFccc Calibration Ready feature that offers you the power to access and adjust the service-level menus.

A highlight of LG 26LH20 Features:

• 720 pixel resolution

• ISFccc Calibration Ready

• Two HDMI inputs

• A "Smart Energy Saving" technology

• 60 Hz refresh rate

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