Bean Bag Gaming Chairs For Kids and Teens

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Bean bags are an ever popular piece of furniture for any child’s room. Strong, durable and so very comfortable for lounging around on, you’d think there was nothing they could do to improve them.

If you thought that, you’d be wrong.

High tech bean bags which double up as video gaming chairs and home entertainment furniture are rapidly becoming more and more popular amongst this age grouping and beyond. The video gaming bean bag chairs feature built in speakers, headphone jacks, volume controls and in some cases, a built in subwoofer so you can really feel the sound effects rumbling through your body.

Imagine the improvement to you favorites games if you could actually feel the explosions, the hits, the crashes, it’d really pull you deeper into the gaming experience and increase your enjoyment of the game. That’s what gaming bean bag hybrid chairs offer. Great comfort and a deeper enjoyment of the games you play whilst using them.

Video game bean bags are typically compatible will all major game systems including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube and PS2 as well as being compatible with TV and DVD players, and MP3 players so you can also enjoy you other forms of media entertainment through them.

Some bean bag gaming chairs can be linked together which is great for multiplayer gaming as all users can feel the sound effects through their own chairs but in a shared experience will other players. Many are also wireless, so no trailing wires etc. and some are even battery operated allowing for even greater portability.

When looking to buy a bean filled gamers chair it’s worth looking at some of the things which may not be too obvious at first sight.

You’ll want to pay special attention to such things as the size of the chair, as some are made for younger children, whilst others are a little bigger and suitable for tweens and teenagers. Adults might find many of these gaming bean bags are a little too small to be really comfortable although there are certainly adult bean bag gaming chairs out there.

The material used is also an often overlooked consideration. An easy to clean surface, or a removable or machine washable cover is something to consider especially if you have messy children or expect it to be a highly trafficked piece of furniture.

Perhaps a main point of consideration should be the quality of the bean bag game chair speakers as without these, it’s just a regular piece of comfy furniture and you might as well save yourself a few bucks and opt for a normal beanbag instead. Opt for good quality and something which actually pumps out a decent sound volume rather than small speakers with tinny sound or you’ll soon stop using the feature.

The best gaming bag will add hugely to your overall gaming experience offering both luxurious loungability with enhanced game sounds and rumble. Buy one today, you’ll be glad you did.

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