Dating Advice: Attract Women With Funny T-Shirts

Throughout history men have tried every technique available to pick up women. Some guys use a straight forward approach and others use cheesy pick-up lines. Lately a new trend has been emerging that seems to work better for men than any traditional pick-up techniques. Men across the country have been wearing t-shirts with funny sayings on them to get women to flock to them. It sounds ridiculously simple but it works.

The reason that the shirts are so effective is because often a woman may have an interest in a man but have no way to let him know. Many women are afraid to just walk right up to a guy and say, "Hey, I like you!" By wearing a funny shirt you give them a reason to come talk to you. All they have to say is "I like your shirt" and let out a little chuckle and the conversation is started. These work great at bars, the gym and at coffee shops. I've met tons of women using funny t-shirts and the best part is that they've come to me – I did not have to do anything. Once the girl approaches you it's up to you to have your game tight but the shirts make a perfect ice-breaker.

So, while it's important to keep your career on track, go to the gym and stay well groomed, you may be overlooking the simple thing you can do to attract women – Throw on a t-shirt that has a witty slogan on it. You may be surprised at how well it works.