Eight Ways To Trascontinental Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets

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Nowadays, it's simpler to get dirt cheap airline tickets for flights inside continents more than above the Atlantic or the pacific oceans. Anyway, some airlines offer transcontinental flights with pretty cheap prices.

There is a bunch of companies that fly from one continent to another with bargain prices, in my opinion the best 8 are:

  • Aer Lingus : the airline that has its headquarters in Dublin offers flights from Dublin to Washington Dulles every two days at a price that goes from 229 dollars to 359 dollars depending on the day you choose for your flight.
  • Canadian Affair links the United Kingdom with Canada, the English cities connected London Gatwick – London Heathrow – Edinburgh – Manchester – Birmingham – Glasgow – Newcastle – Exeter – Belfast. The Canadian cities are: Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto – Halifax – Edmonton – Calgary – Vancouver and Fredericton. Very dirt cheap tickets here, i found an offer for 97 pounds, taxes excluded, from London to Toronto. A last minute flight can cost less. If you b with a little more anticipation you can save also, but maybe a little less.
  • Condor has its base in Germany and links most of the European capitals to the following cities: Halifax – Las Vegas – Orlando – Anchorage – Whitehorse and Fairbanks. In the company's site, that is a very nice one you can find some good prices. Like almost for every other company prices vary greatly depending on many factors, like day of flight and time of booking, but for the major of the flights by this company some good bargains can be made.
  • Flyglobespan connects the principal English cities with some Canadian city and Orlando in Florida and pretty dirt cheap airline tickets can be purchased from this London based airline company.
  • Flythomascook 's only destination in the Usa is Orlando. This English company offe
  • Icelandair links London Heathrow with Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Toronto and Halifax. The price for a single one way ticket 359 pounds t / incl.
  • Thomsonfly leads you to Montego Bay from London for 103 pounds one way including taxes.
  • Zoom airlines flies, among others, London, Rome, Paris, New York, Montreal. This company permits you to book a flight 14 days before departure for a price of 219 pounds per person, taxes included, economy class.

In the near future we will see more companies entering the arena of transcontinental low fare tickets but for now i think these are the best ones. Obviously you'll have to check by yourself the sites of these, and other, companies to stay up-to-date of the latest offers, consider this list as start for your hunt for dirt cheap airline tickets.

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