Pizza Menu Printing – "10 Words" You Can Use to Sell More Pizza!

If you want to sell tons of pizza, fight off competitors, and gain market share, your pizza menus must be more than a boring list of items and prices – they must be advertisements designed to sell!

But what if you aren’t sure what makes a great pizza menu or flyer? Don’t worry. All it takes are a few great pictures and simple, targeted messages that focus on the benefits to the consumer.

For example, if you were considering buying a pizza, how would you rate the following “sell words” on a scale of 1-10 (ten being best)? Ask yourself how each words make you feel about buying pizza.



Customer Favorite!






If you are like most pizza consumers, you probably rated all of those words/phrases between an 8 and 10 (depending on your demographic-based preferences). Guess what? All of those words are used by pizza chains to drive sales and increase “impulse buys” by the consumer.

But there is one words that stand out more than any other – even the word “Free” doesn’t compete. Can you guess what it is? (Keep reading and thinking about it, I’ll reveal it at the end of the article)

One of the most powerful words you can use is “new” b ecause people naturally gravitate towards learning about new trends, new technologies, new happenings, and new products. In fact, people are so interested in what’s new that international pizza chains seem to be introducing a “new pizza” every week? Think about it: New Square Pizza, New XL-Sized Pizza, New $10 Pizzas, New & Improved Pizza Recipe…and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter how they “make it new” as long as they can associate the keyword “new” with the product. Eventually, the “newness” wears off and consumers look for the next craze – and the process begins again.

Ok, now for the reason you’re here…

The Top 10 Words that Sell More Pizza (in order from most effective to least)

  • YOU
  • Free
  • New
  • Save
  • Less
  • Amazing
  • Guaranteed
  • Now
  • Coupon
  • Sale

That’s right, “YOU” is the most powerful word. It’s what people are wired to respond to – and it works. It is the one word that can instantly personalize any message (or pizza flyer) while drawing the eye to the message. Here are some great ad examples that combine the word “You” with other words from the Top 10 list.

FREE Breadsticks When You Order Any Large Pizza!

Are You Tired Of Paying?

Order Online Right Now for FREE Delivery!

Now YOU Get FREE Delivery w/ Every Order!

YOU Get More Pizza, YOU Spend Less Money! Call Now!

Aren’t You Tired of Unhealthy, Poor-Tasting Pizzas?

Save $2 Off Any Large Garden-Veggie Pizza – Call Now!

So what are you waiting for? Start increasing your sales by using these “10 Words that Sell” on your print advertisements and menus.

Remember, pizza menu printing is more about advertising and less about making a list of your items and prices. Your menus have one job only – to sell more pizza while fighting off competitors.