Bye Bye Panda Eyes

Panda Eyes or Dark Eye Circles (as commonly known) may be a result of a few factors – heredity, stress, fatigue, lack of proper nutrition. If your skin is translucent or fair, you may find that the dark under eye areas are much more prominent.

Have you ever encounter that after a whole day under the sun, you find that the skin underneath the eye areas turn dark. Excessive sun exposure can increase melanin levels and cause darkening of the skin. Here wear sun shades to protect your eyes to avoid pre-mature aging of the eye areas.

There are a few remedies for combating this condition:

a) Commercial remedies

Eye Creams, Gel & Serums

These will be the eye creams, serum and gel that are available in the market. Remember to read the labels carefully as not all are suitable for all skin types. Some are every specific on the type of condition that it help to alleviate. Eg an eye gel that is geared to help to minimize eyes puffiness or for hydration only.

If you manage to get the right eye product, you would be able to prevent or alleviate the condition.

Eye Concealers

This may possibly be the faster and easier way. How do you choose a shade that is suitable for you?

You may find two main shades at the counter – yellow base and pinkish base. Depending on your condition, you may want to choose the right shade. Eg choose a shade lighter than usual to help conceal. As a general rule, yellow base concealers works best for hiding dark eye circles.

If you are using mascara, do not apply it to the lower lashes as it will amplify the dark eye circles. Do not apply too much concealer to cover dark eye circles as it will draw attention to them and makes you look unnatural. Furthermore it may also cause flakiness and risk you getting oil seeds under the eyes.

Whatever method you choose, remember it is only a temporary measure as you would need to take note of nutrition as a preventive measure.


Blephrooplasty is a surgical procedure to get rid of dark eye circles permanently. However there are recovery time and side effects if you do not take care after post surgery. Here I do not recommend going this method as it is expensive and there are risks involved.

b) Home Remedies

The two most popular remedies are cutting cucumber slices and applying tea bags under the eyes. Cucumber helps to soothe and lighten the skin. So if your eyes are itchy or tired, you may want to try this cheap home based method.

Tea Bag contains caffeine and caffeine helps to diminish puffiness by reducing the water in the eye tissue. You can use any type of tea but use the normal ones will do.

However the best method is to ensure that you are well hydrated, rested and exercise frequently and your eyes are in healthy conditions.