Bird Toys Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy & Happy

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Bird toys are an important and necessary part of your pet bird’s environment. In the wild birds don’t need toys to occupy their time they have enough challenges to do on a daily basis just to survive.

Pet birds can only eat, drink and preen their feathers for so long until they become board and frustrated. This leads to bad habits such as feather picking, demanding constant attention, biting and other bad behaviors.

The trick for loving owners is to create the ideal situation to keep the bird’s day full. The best method for filling a bird’s day is with play. Toys are the tools that are necessary to do this. It is important to give your bird a variety of different types of bird toys and switch them often to bring new challenges and fun into your bird’s life.

Unlike dogs or cats, birds are often housed in cages that restrict their free movement. To improve the health and happiness of your bird it is ideal to regularly play, handle, and entertain your bird. It is often impractical to maintain this schedule during busy periods in modern life so the next best alternative is to use bird toys that mimic natural activities.

Bird toys that mimic the activities of wild living are enjoyable for your caged pet. Promoting activities such as foraging for food, chewing, shredding and preening can bring hours of entertainment for your pet bird.

With a little love, a mix of toys, and regular feedback your pet bird will live a happy and healthy life with you and your family. Simply remember that by keeping a bird it is your duty to fill their day with the adventures and challenges of the wild.