Wooden Toys for a Saner Holiday

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The Holiday season always seems to bring back perennial favorites. Due to the waxing interest in wooden toys, they seem to be on the track to be some of this year’s favorite toys. This interest is due to the economic crisis and ecological issues, as well as the ever-increasing do-it-yourself movement; toys that last a little bit longer. They have the advantage of having someone prepare them at home, allowing for a little more personalization, and that they can last for a lot longer than an equivalent plastic toy.

Although they are some limitations, such as the few wooden toys with electronic parts, there are some very nice options in this category. There are plenty of wooden baby toys, ranging from the basic mobiles and customary blocks, to a wide variety of colorful wooden toys. The ubiquitous pull toys that we are familiar with from childhood feature definitely fit into this category, as well as a wide variety of wooden puzzles featuring large pieces and colorful pictures. As the creators of these toys are generally more concerned with ecological issues, more care is taken to ensure that these toys are safer; lead paint is likely to show up on these toys, for example.

There are a number of wooden toys for children. The obvious example is the large collection of toy trucks made out of wood, but older children can also enjoy such items as rubber band guns (ranging from single-shot six-shooters to machine guns), as well as riding ponies. Obviously, children that prefer western themes are going to love the selection; there are enough other toys, such as dolls and trucks that there are few exclusions. The advantage of toys for older children is that the toys are a little more durable than their plastic version.