Why Does My Computer Run Slow?

A slow PC is definitely an issue which needs an immediate resolution. There are many reasons that are responsible for the slowed speed of your PC. If you too are a victim of such computer problems, here are a few tips that may help you in dealing better with your PC.

The first tip is to figuring out of the reason, which is decreasing speed of your PC. Some of the most common reasons of a slow computer are –

  • Less space availability in your Hard Disk
  • Presence of Computer Virus
  • Installation of unnecessary software on your system
  • Corrupted data
  • Missing Windows Updates and Outdated Drivers
  • Poor hardware support


  • Verify that your PC has a minimum of 1 GB – 2 GB free hard disk space. You can determine this by checking disk-space and then deleting unnecessary items from your PC. This space is very important for a speedy computer, as it allows the system to have room for temporary files.
  • You can also run Scandisk or a similar tool to ensure that nothing is physically wrong with your computer's hard disk drive.
  • If data is not stored in proper manner than also you computer may get slowed. To avoid such situation, you can run 'Defrag.' This would arrange the data in your PC in best possible order. Thus, speed of your PC would be automatically enhanced.
  • Computer Virus is a major reason that slows down the speed of PC, remove virus from computer. You can install good virus removal tool (antivirus software) to detect malicious items hidden in your PC and then remove them.
  • Low RAM capacity is also a reason behind poor PC speed. To get rid of such issues you can consider upgrading of your RAM.
  • Sometimes, missing Windows Updates also makes PC slow. To stay away from issues alike, tech support experts advise to go online and update the operating system.
  • Start in safe mode: This is considered an important step to enhance speed of your PC.

Step to start computer in safe mode is written below-

  • Click Start, then click Shut Down.
  • Click Restart and then click OK.
  • Press F8, prior to your computer launches Restart.
  • Now Select Safe Mode and press ENTER

If you still are not getting the reason of your slowed PC, you may consult a professional tech support service provider. Internet is complete with information on quality on call / online tech support provider who not only finds issues of you computer but also provide quality support for that.